10 Sites you can embed in your online course (#eLearning and #BlendedLearning)

Embedding multimedia into your online course is great. Don’t give students link to videos unless you absolutely must. Hey, students just love to go to YouTube and stay there… all day. So embedding content is the best thing to do. But before you embed remember to uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”.

So here are ten sites you can embed content from:

  1. YouTube
  2. TeacherTube
  3. Google Drive (individual spreadsheets!, calendars, documents, etc.)
  4. Prezi
  5. Picasa Web Albums
  6. SchoolTube
  7. OREB (need to logged into D2L through your board) 🙁
  8. Slideshare
  9. (Does not work in D2L News or Discussions. Only works in Content, Widgets, and  Quizzes)
  10. TVO

I’m sure there are hundreds more. Send me the links and I’ll add them here.

Don’t know how to embed? Contact me.