Policy and Procedure Strategies

Grants are available for a variety of needs. Online enrichment of procedures and practices will aid you in attaining your goals.

  • Develop a board strategic eLearning plan
  • Promoting online learning for Administrators
  • Summer school setup
  • Working with guidance counsellors
  • Implementation of eLearning: working with trustees
  • Grade 8 reach ahead and other enrichment programs
  • student engagement/outreach 12 and 12+
  • equity and inclusive education strategy
  • Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) formerly known as the Annual Education Plan (AEP) via ePortfolio
  • cross board timetabling to meet student needs
  • action research to determine promising practices in online instructional strategy
  • creation of content, resources, and components for course shells
  • Play-based Learning – Kindergarten
  • Teacher Capacity Building
  • Learning Teaching Learning Critical Pathway (TLCP)
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • DI – Learning for All— Supporting IEP in an online environment
  • Collaborative Inquiry for Blended classrooms (math, kindergarten) (CIL-M, CIL-Primary)
  • Building capacity for …. Literacy
  • supervised alternative learning via eLearning
  • Building innovative practice
  • Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA)
  • School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA)
  • Implementing growing success in an online environment
  • Online strategies for Re-engagement 12&12+
  • SHSM – certifications online, CLA
  • Dual Credit support.

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