How can students learn?

  1. eLearning
  2. Blended Learning
    1. Asynchronous/Synchronous
    2. Replaces one technology with another
    3. News
    4. Content (eTextbook)
    5. Discussions
    6. Quizzes
  3. Flipped Classroom
    1. Sample
    2. Remember that any project you send home with the student will be done by someone else
  4. Project Based Learning
  5. Group Learning (Teamwork)
  6. Gamification (Gameful Design)
  7. Authentic Assessment
    1. Timely
    2. Supportive
    3. Shared – let students know beforehand what the rubric is and let students share their assessments.
  8. All new teachers should teach online. Teaching online makes anyone a better teacher.


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